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Explore our diverse blog posts covering biology, community dynamics, medical advances, psychology, public awareness, and sociocultural aspects of mental health. Dive into insightful content on these key topics to enrich your mental health journey.

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PSI – A Mental Health Novella

Dr. Neil Jeyasingam.

Published Book

An adventure into who we are, or think we are.

Richard’s big break as an investigative journalist has turned out a bit, well, mixed. After travelling to the remote isolated location where Professor Pearson, the world’s foremost mental health authority had (apparently) retired, instead of an interview, he was given a book. It may not have been all for nothing though. Particularly as the book appears to contain the interview that never happened.

A bizarre tale that explores psychology, religion, and identity in the face of modern neuroscience, set in rural Australia. Featuring Betsy the cow, dust, insufficient wine, and the end of humanity as we know it.

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Explore our collection of informative and supportive videos, designed to provide valuable insights and guidance on various aspects of psychiatry and mental well-being. 

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How does Mental Health feel about the Secularisation of Christmas?

Videogames & Mental Health

In psychiatry there are certain cultures that may pass us by, that nevertheless are of significant impact to our profession, and vice versa. One of these is the culture who identify as “gamers”

"Is It Better To Not Exist?"

A new update in the Journal of Applied Psychology provides a rebuttal against the soundness of a theory that supports abortion. In doing so, it provides an interesting framework as an argument against suicide.


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